Tuesday, 26 July 2011

just a thought...

Just sharing a thought with you...

I feel lack of focus (on right things) is what keeps many of us from achieving success. Most of us have a habit of working hard on things we are not good at or will never be good at and so we tend to neglect the skills that we have and can be improvised(...even i have done it till recently!)...By the time we realize this its too late!
I feel if one focuses on things/skills they are already good at...dedicate time and daily efforts on improvising it...within no time one can master the skill.
I like what Robin Sharma says...FOCUS + DAILY IMPROVEMENT + TIME = GENIUS.

So if we focus on the things(right ones!) we are already good at we can always reach to the genius level with ease! Don't be just good...be master of it and only than the world will notice!...The world is not rude or negligent but you have to try lil hard to get its attention! :)