Friday, 21 October 2011

Some weekend Sketches...

After a hectic week..time for some sketching!


  1. It is sooooo awesome !!! Do you take reference from live models ( lets take these sketches for example ) or photographs? And What do you prefer?

  2. Thanks Richa! I normally do live sketching for practice. However these are just exploratory sketches from my sketchbook.

  3. came across your blog, and had to comment to say your works are truly inspirational and amazing! Respect!

  4. Sir Your work is awesome......I always see ur sketches & surprised how great creativity u have.....& do u practice daily or some times or never...?
    I m also an artist .....give me some tips...

    1. Thanks Avinash! I draw daily..not because I have to get better..but because i love doing it. The only TIP I can give is JUST DO IT. Don't worry about failure..keep working until you figure out how its done. Create art as an expression not as a product. Best wishes!

  5. Thanx a lot sir.......I am vry glad to talk to u & getting tips from u.....I have started following ur art.....& I will show u my art oneday I also love do sculptures......thank you.