Saturday, 25 May 2013

Character designs...

Some character design explorations and sketches done this weekend...


  1. Great Art work sir ! Do you use Pen Tablet to draw these ?

    1. Thanks Hariharan! Nope...these are pencil sketches. The brown tones are filled digitally using Wacom tablet.

    2. Oh Great sir !! So sketch using pencil and you trace those using tablet, right??
      Even I am Designing characters for an android game ! But lagging in converting my art(not as good as urs!) from pencil sketch to digital painting. Do you know any Institutes who teach character or graphics designing(using pen tablet) in Bangalore ??

    3. No Hariharan. I scan it and directly paint. No tracing. And you don't need anyone to teach you that. Just keep practicing drawing and it will become easy. To paint, you first have to understand painting basics and than any medium is a piece of cake! Hope that helps. Best of luck!

    4. Thank you sir ! will share my works once it is done :D
      Hope u may give me your suggestions !!