Monday, 28 April 2014

Character design from a reference

inspiration > scribbles > Final

One of the reason I shared this is cos someone asked me how do I get reference for Indian costumes. be honest I don't get a reference every time. Not exactly how I want my character to be. So you have to make use of whatever that you can find. 
The above picture is just an inspiration. The lower scribble has 50% of the photo ref. then I used that scribble as my next reference and drew him holding the vase. Also the body type was exaggerated to make him more chubby. Also the face in the picture was not fitting with this body so I drew that with imagination.

You have to use real life inspiration, anatomy, Figure drawing, Design principles and perspective to design a character. You cant rely on just reference.

Then I received a nice suggestion from a friend. So I changed the earlier Vase carrying guy into this guy! 

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